Forget the New Year's resolutions

The New Year’s celebration doesn’t have a true soul. Unlike Christmas, a holiday that is significant for me as I’ll explain in just a moment, the New Year celebration seems totally empty by comparison.

All cultures have a celebration around the winter solstice. Christmas is the replacer of Sol Invictus. It is a well reasoned event. Our ancestors tied a lot of things to cosmology. From the Egyptian Pyramids and the Temple of Heaven to Stonehenge and Chichen Itza, the religious and political system were woven in reason with cosmic events. So the winter solstice, a moment where the day starts to become longer, is extremely important in any culture. Also a lot of animals are sacrificed in this time—feeding them becomes harder without fresh pasture. This is why a party is due: longer days and hope for spring, a lot of meat and the need to celebrate the gods that made all this possible.

The New Year’s celebration is not tied to any cosmic event. Well, one year is a revolution of the Earth around the Sun, but the date we celebrate a cycle is debatable. Now the international calendar is the Gregorian one and so we celebrate the New Year on the 1st of January, but different cultures used and have different dates to celebrate it.

Have a read on when did our forefathers decide to adopt 1st of January as the New Year’s eve. You’ll be surprised on how recent that was.

It feels so artificial as it is not tied with any astral reference—they just had a day open. If all civilization is reset, we will still have a celebration for the major astral events. We humans are wired to gaze at the stars. We will certainly celebrate the full revolution of the Earth around the Sun, the New Year, but not on this date. For me, it’s just a party with extra fireworks.

So this is why, this year I will not make any resolutions tied with the year or the changing of it. I chose a different measure of time: the earth rotation around its own axis. The day.

This year I’ll have daily resolutions. They are simple: to get out of the house, to do some sort of physical exercise, to write something… anything and to have a cup of tea. Every day.

Meanwhile, I’ll procrastinate in becoming a better person till next year.