I have a confession to make. I hate paper. I am damaged in that way. It seems that because I’ve been accustomed to file search, categories, spelling checkers—this digital life our generation is enjoying—I’m now incapable of dealing with or enjoying a piece of paper. The mess in my school and college notebooks are the witness to the great dread: paperwork.

This is why I’ve decided to give all my books away. I know lot of people who fetishize about printed words; they mass books with no bias torward technical or literature works. But for me, books are cumbersome: hard to handle, a problem to store and useless once I’ve extracted the essence from them.

One might think that I would be the Kindle or iPad type. Doesn’t those solve the problem? Not for me. My problem goes far deeper than handling dead trees. You see, ebooks mimic their real life counterparts. Same linear, ineffective and ultimately boring experience. Now we can have unlimited space to put images, video, hyperlinks and metadata in the things we write. We can make it a multimedia experience.

In my opinion, the best technical books are Ruby on Rails Guides, the Mac Developer Library. The best fantasy book? World of Warcraft. These are not really books, but they are what books should be in terms of interaction, information and experience. Until that possible future, I’ll keep listening to my audiobooks and wander the internet.