The cost

Time has a price. Everything has a price.

I had a talk with a buddy of mine and he proudly affirmed that he never payed for software in his life, nor for digital music or movies. While far from being a Linux/Google fan, he uses an Android phone just because he can torrent apps.

If you frowned at the starting sentences, know this was a test. There is a big chance that you don’t believe in capitalism. You don’t believe that everybody’s effort, time and attention has a value.

You are like my buddy.

You brought to us the plethora of apps and websites that collect our data and sell it. We don’t pay so we are the mice on the treadmill. We think we are having fun while we are giving up the one thing we shouldn’t ever have to: our privacy.

The sad part about the whole story is that my buddy is a software developer. He is a part of the industry, his money comes from people who pay for the stuff he makes, yet he has an utmost disrespect for his colleagues. If we, the presumed informed ones, don’t educate other people to pay for effort, for time and for attention, we will never get rid of the data farming industry we are part of.